JumpCounter Support Page



JumpCounter counts the number of rope jumps.


When you use the application, you attach a device firmly to a thigh, a waist or an arm not to drop it.


It also can count jumps with grasping it instead of rope.


Our design aims to minimize miscounts by optimizing the accelerometer.


You can work out with ease anywhere, anytime with JumpCounter!

Version 1.1.2

Bug Fixes:

  1. +Crash when displaying geotagged tweets in time-lines.

  2. +with saving profile data.

Version 1.1.0


New Features:

+ Jump record posting to Twitter.

+ Displays time-lines of other JumpCounter users.

+ Displays “Home” timeline.


Bug Fixes:

+ Crash with ARMv6 devices (iPod touch 1G/2G, iPhone 2G/3G) fixed.

+ Other small bug fixes.

Main menu screen

Count jump screen

Jump history screen

Other user’s message screen

Twitter message post screen

JumpCoounter version 1.1.2 iPhone Application

JumpCounter counts the number of rope jumps.